Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I Do : SBA / WAHM

I have seen these "What I Do" posters all over the net this past week but haven't seen come across with a WAHM or that really fits me... so I made my own!

Yes... I think it fits me quite well!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{Faithfully Fit} My 1st 5k

One of my goals for my "new" {Faithfully Fit} life was to participate in my 1st 5k... however, it has been a LONG time goal of mine to do a 5k with my son, which is why being {Faithfully Fit} became so important to me.

This past Saturday (February 4th, 2012) I was able to cross that goal off of my list.  My son and I participated in the Step Up 5k... together.  Well, same run... he just finished WAY before me.

It was so nice to be greeted at the run by one of my favorite cheerleaders... Robin! She wasn't able to run but waited for me at the finish line. She rocks!

 (The two of us before the start)

Robin's husband Juan also ran and we got to all keep each other company before the start of the race.  When it got close to time to begin, Juan and Isaac got a good spot towards the front, while I headed towards the tail end with our friend Beth who was running with her son.  A few minutes after the race kicked off, I started to mess with my phone to get my music playing.  I looked up and Beth and her some were GONE! I spent the entire run trying to catch up with them... only to find out after it was over that I was ahead of them. 

When I was just past the 1st mile marker, Isaac was already on his way back (so near his 3rd mile marker).

As he ran past, I got to tell him, "Love you!" and he shot me a peace sign as he said, "Love you too!"  

Awesome Robin cheered us both on as we approached the finished line and grabbed a picture of both of us.

The two of us after the race!  I think it was a lot of fun... and now I have a time to work on beating.

PS... I am very proud to report that Isaac came in 20th of 251 in his age group with a time of 26 minutes.