Friday, February 19, 2010

Easy Storage Fix

Since our baby girl came to join us 10 months ago, she took no time what so ever taking over our living room. Everyday I find myself cleaning up all of her stuff in the living... and each day more than the last. It got to the point when I finally realized that dragging her stuff back to her room each day was pointless.

As I was dilly-dallying around Big Lots one day, waiting for my son to get out of school, I saw a covered canvas bin... instantly I knew it could work.

As particular as I am, I still could not just let her stuff just "be there" and having a bin of some sort that doesn't "go" would not work for me. I had some fabric left over from the pillows I made for the couch & thought about maybe using that somehow...

I already have black accents so the bottom of the bin worked "as in." I took that left-over fabric from the pillows and covered the top of the bin. I first used some fabric spray adhesive and then hot glued the edges down. It looks perfect in the living room... although her toys never seem to stay in it. She'd much rather take all the toys out and sit in the bin. We have dubbed it, "her baby cave."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Decals & History?

Several weeks ago I posted a blog about my son's 6th grade science project and his use of decals to enhance the presentation board.

This month he had a history fair project due. He made a working telegraph and of course, used vinyl decals (that's my boy) for his presentation.

Both sides of the telegraph work & he even had longer wires on it before he added it to the board & it worked from one side of the house to the other.

I know it's up to the teacher but... I give him an A+

If you or your child is working on a school project & is interested in using vinyl decals, please e-mail me @ info@ten23designs for special EDUCATIONAL pricing. Custom designing (for education) will be done free of charge.

Decals & Science?

Now I know I say this a lot... but I really do mean it. You REALLY can use decals on just about anything.

Exhibit A: My son's science fair project

Before my son had all of his data for his project finished, he ran up to me with, "an amazing idea!" He was so excited he wasn't even sure if he wanted to share his grand idea with me yet... but since he needed my assistance, he didn't have much choice.

He new I sold this fun paper air plane decal in my Etsy shop & asked if we could shrink it down to fit his presentation board. We also added the title using the vinyl. It came out great.


Every decal I cut is custom cut for that particular order. Designs can be made, larger, smaller, wider... you name it, and I will customize it for you.