Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun & Practical Play Time

Owning my own home based business and having a 3 year old home with me during the day is not an easy task.  I actually do not get much work done during the day at all.  During her "work" time, I sit her desk next to mine and have her do worksheets.  Other than that, my "work" day is really non-existent.  Then there are the days I have to get something done but she wants to play... and usually outside.  As much as I am family first, a work dead-line is a dead-line so I must get it done.  So we must improvise...

Today she wanted to go outside and play hopscotch...

My solution: An indoor hopscotch floor decal in the living room, which can be easily covered up by the area rug when she is all done.  While my vinyl is cutting on the machine, I can even play a few rounds with her. 

Win | Win

Monday, September 3, 2012

{Home School Pre-School} The Weather Wheel

My daughter may only be three years old but I think she may be one of the best meteorologist in town.  She enjoys predicting the weather and seems to be pretty good at it.  I have seen a few weather charts for little ones online and came across a cute weather wheel I liked.  We decided to make our own variation of it.


The arrows have magnet backings so she can move them from day to day on what the weather is, and at night, she can move them to what she predicts the weather will be the next day.