Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby's 1st Birthday

We celebrated Mya's 1st birthday in April. Yes, April... this just proves how long it takes me to upload photos.  We had a blast celebrating her big day, and I may have had just as much fun creating her decor.

Instead of a character theme, I went with dark pink & lime with touches of light pink.  I love that color combo.  I started with a logo I designed for her.  I cut a decal of it for the glass door which made a great birthday girl photo background for guests to take their photos with her.
The utensils were stored in empty vegetable cans I wrapped with coordinating ribbon. I made some stickers with the logo that went on some of the center of the cans to give them that personal touch.
I created the personalized logo water bottle labels with three coordinating designs.  A few people took these home as souvenirs. I cannot find the photo of the actual favors, but my son and I made dark chocolate & lime colored, chocolate covered pretzel rods with white pearl sprinkles.  We put each pair in a special bag with a tag.. also with her birthday logo and a nice thank you message.
I placed the fresh flowers I bought for the birthday girl that morning in a vase that I put a smaller version of her logo decal.  I just love having fresh flowers in the house.  I wish we could get flowers and veggies to grow in the backyard so I can keep them in the house more often.  We shall try again this season.
I also added her logo decal to her high chair aka throne for the day.  She seemed to really like having something to look / play with on her high chair so I created a non-birthday theme decal that we have kept on the high chair since the big day.  It's great and wipes clean very easily.  I enjoy watching her trace the design with her finger. (Good eye / fine motor skill practice).
And no birthday party is complete without cake... and she was loving every bit of having her own special cake.  Of course she didn't mind sharing with her Daddy.