Monday, March 5, 2012

Front Porch Spring Makeover : Work in Progress

Although I am not completely done sprucing up my front porch for spring, I made a nice size dent in it today and I am feeling accomplished.

I finished up my new wreath... which was a bit of a challenge for me.  I wanted a bright wreath but with a black base. I really wasn't quite sure what I was doing and kind of let it "blossom" on it's own.  I bought the blank wreath from the Dollar Tree... for a dollar! I spray painted it black and added a bow from the burlap "ribbon" I bought for 50% off.  I love a good deal.  The sunflowers came from a spring collection bushel and was also 40% off.  I added the violet accents which were left overs from my fall wreath a few years ago.  All together, the wreath cost me less than $10 to make.  I know I need to add a little more pizazz but I think it is definitely good for now.

I added a new "Welcome" decal to the front door also... it seemed so bare without it.  Not to mention, quite a few people commented on the lack of "decalage" (<-- just made that word up) on my door.  

I finally hung up the wooden sign I made from my awesome Goodwill sign.  I found the sign for only $3... but wait, it gets better... it was 50% off... so only $1.50!!

I sanded it down as best as I could... the hardest part of the entire project because the lettering did not want to come off.  Then I painted it black.


 I made the vinyl lettering using and adhered it to the board...

...and then sealed out so it can withhold to the outdoor elements.

I am really loving the final product of the sign and love seeing it hanging there when I walk up tot he house.  Sometimes the littlest things in life really can make us the happiest...