Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kinda like... doing laundry

Finding one's faith is an experience that I would hope everyone would get to enjoy at least once... and hopefully only once, but to each their own. People choose to embrace their faith in different ways.

Have you ever met someone who decided to accept faith after an emotional event (such as a death) but then you never saw them on Sunday morning again? Or someone just going through a rough patch & decided to turn to faith to help them get through it... then once they were through it, absent Sunday mornings... until the next rough patch in their life.

I think of this as those who throw in a load of clothes into the washing machine because they need a particular shirt cleaned, then forget to transfer the clothes into the dryer so when they think about the shirt they needed cleaned a few days later, the whole load has to be washed again.

I personally wash the clothes, dry them but do not usually find the time to put them away. I recently learned that I need to make a schedule as to when I am going to wash the laundry so I plan it around a time I know I will be able to fold the clothes & put them away when I am done.

The hardest part is folding the laundry. But what's the point of doing the wash if you are not going to fold the laundry & put it away.

It's similar to my faith... Sunday mornings are a no brainer... be there {washing the clothes}. Wednesday evenings, every 1st Monday of the month (and every Thursday during August), are times I set aside to help continue my spiritual growth {drying the clothes}. Then comes serving & living a positive faith-filled life, such as: helping my neighbor, donating my time, finances or skill with others, sharing my faith story with others, etc. {putting the clean laundry away... folded & ironed}.

That is usually the most time consuming, and most avoided task when it comes to doing the laundry, yet one of the most important... as all three steps are important just like when it comes to our faith.

Accepting, growing & serving {washing, drying & putting it away}.


Alyson & Ford

Just **found** you (we live in GCS). Enjoyed your post. Yes, it is the giving, sharing and serving that completes the covenant.

Alyzabeth's Mommy for 14 Months

Victoria Joanne

I like this Lauren! Great analogy from a wise woman.

I'm so glad we became friends!!!