Friday, January 15, 2010

Yen can cook... and so can Isaac

My son is no stranger in the kitchen. If he is not cooking from a recipe, he is experimenting with created his own. This Isaac created one of his personal bests... Steamed dim summish, dumpling won-tons. Yes, I know, it makes no sense... but he really took a combination of all 3 and made an amazing dish.

These "Chinese trios" can be made with the traditional pork, beef, chicken or even the healthy choice, turkey. Add your seasoning to the meat... as explained to me, this is your only chance to add seasoning. He used salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic salt and soy sauce. I also shredded some cabbage which he added to the mix.
Next he took the (store bought) won ton wraps & added a small amount of the seasoned meat to the center of the wrapper. "Not too much or it might explode!" I did notice he overstuffed one... it was called, "his experiment." And no, it didn't explode.
While he was making the little Chinese trios, we started cooking the rice and a pot of cabbage for the sides. Timing is everything when cooking. We browned about a half a cup of the meat and added chopped onions & mushrooms to add to the steamed white rice.
After he stuffed the wrappers, he then dabbed the edges with a tad bit of water to help seal the wrapper as he pinched the top shut. He saw that technique on Iron Chef one night... it worked well.
After his first batch was ready, I added them to the steamer lined with cabbage. Notice I said I added them? The steam was extremely hot & this step should be done by an adult... he agrees.
They sat in the cabbage steam bath for about 15 minutes and then I used a tong to remove them. We added some steamed rice & cabbage to complete the dish.
The meal was amazing! I'm so proud of my little chef... speaking of "little chef." After dinner we cuddled & watched Ratatouille... Remy the rat is called, "little chef" by Linguine, the big chef.