Monday, July 13, 2009

My $30 Bathroom Makeover

Just before Baby Mya arrived, my 11-year old came to me & said he wanted a "more mature" bathroom, to match his "more mature bedroom" he had redone a few weeks earlier.

Our budget has been strapped & wrapped pretty tight so I didn't have much to work with yet I really wanted to give him something nice & "mature" since he had been doing so well in school.
I started with the paint. We picked a shade that coordinated with the countertops. I bought a small can & already had a brush & painter's tape ready at the house. The can of paint was only $7.

I had a nice framed picture from my mother that she got on clearance for only $9.99. I am not including that in my makeover total since she gave it to me for free... since she had it sitting in her garage for a little over 2 years. :)

I did however open the frame up & paint the matte with the paint I bought for the walls so it looks great.

We hit up Bealls Outlet (possibly a Florida store) for some accessories. Not only did we find all of the pieces on clearence, we went there on a Friday so we got an extra 15% off of the clearance prices.

Hobby Lobby had a 50% off sale of all floral pieces so we were even able to give him a nice masculine & mature floral arrangement. We put a few of those pieces that smell good & I am happy to report that even now... weeks later, his bathroom still has that fresh, crisp smell.

So here is the breakdown:
Paint $7
Picture $0 - Donated by mom
Vase $0.45 - 75% off + 15% off (Friday under 50 club)
Throw Rug $0.83 - 75% off + 15% off (Friday under 50 club)
Shower Curtain $1.83 - 50% off + 15% off (Friday under 50 club)
Another Vase $0.45 - 75% off + 15% off (Friday under 50 club)
Hand Towel Holder $5 - 25% off + 15% off (Friday under 50 club)
Shower Curtain Holder $3 - 75% off + 15% off (Friday under 50 club)
Floral Arrangement $7 - 50% Hobby Lobby Week Long Sale
Towels (2 Large & 2 Hand) $5 - 75% off + 15% off (Friday under 50 club)
Decal Behind the potty $0 - I made it

Total - $30.56


Amy Lynn

Wow!! Nice job with the penny pinching! I am quite impressed. I am wanting to give our bathroom(s) a makeover, but our budget is well... zilch. You have inspired me though! Once I am able to scrape some cash together I am going to have a go at ours. :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams

I love how you made it into a more mature bathroom. What does the decal say?

Is Hobby Lobby an online store?



@ Amy... Check your bargin basement type stores & make sure your make your purchase on a discount day.

@ CCD... The decal says, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be a sweetie & wipe the seatie."

He wasn't as thrilled with the decal but I got tired of finding tinkle on his seat. :)

Mom over-ruled!

Hobby Lobby is a local store chain but I believe they are nationwide. They do have some items on-line.

HUGE Floral section.


Fabulous job! I am so impressed with your results. Do you make house calls? To New England even?? Stopping by from SITS to say hello.

Beth in NC

Coming over from SITS. Wow, the bathroom looks great! You did an awesome job saving money too. Wanna come here?

I had a funny post yesterday. I videoed me and my daughter in a cow pasture and I was terrified of the bull. Pretty funny. Come check it out while you're surfing today.


Kool Aid

Awesome makeover! Visiting you from SITS - you were above me on the roll call :)

Design it Chic

Hello Lauren!

Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I would be glad to help you.. the only thing that i would need is a picture of the exact doors you want to dress. It would help knowing the exact height of the sliding doors, then the width of the space between the top of the doors and the ceiling..cause that differs in many cases.. and some other small tit bits like these :)
Also it would be helpful to let me know the length of your blinds and what kind of system do they have. But a picture would help me see that for sure
So I'm looking forward to your email:)

Happy Wednesday!


I am SO impressed! $30??!

It looks great!!

PS...Thank you so much for following my blog and the awesome compliment!

**Grin** ;D


Great job on the "mature" bathroom, I guess cute isn't the word I should use : )
so jealous of your Hobby Lobby, the closest one to me is three hours away : (
Oh popped in from SITS