Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Road Trip

Traveling with my son is always an adventure. His first road trip was about eleven years ago, at the age of 4 months. In a nutshell, the boy was an angel in the car. No problems at all. If was a few hour drive & I think he only woke up once to eat.

Not much has changed in theses 11 years when it comes to him & road trips. He is still pretty good in the car & only asks to stop to eat... except now it's a little more frequent... like every hour.

Well this past holiday weekend we decided to go down to Clearwater to visit my family. It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive so we just hoped Baby Mya (2 1/2 months old) would be a road trip baby angel like her big brother use to be & we would get there smoothly.

Now let me tell you something about Baby Mya... she is a day hawk. She does not like to sleep during the day. Apparently some little baby in Babyland told her that if she falls asleep during the day, she may miss something. So with that assumption, she tortures herself (& me), during the day, fighting sleep.

For those of you thinking that I should be happy since she sleeps well at night... I say to you... "HUMF!" A nap here or there would be nice.

Back to the road... there we were, driving down 301, approximately half to our destination when Baby Mya makes her first request. "AHH!" *pause* She waits to see if her request will be answered. "AHH!" There she goes again.

So we pull into a parking lot & check her diaper. Nope... clean dry. Maybe she is hungry... again. Nope... she's not showing any signs of interest.

Just when I was about to put her back in her seat, she gave me a look. Then stood up in my lap and started to do her squats. Her smile started to shine brightly. Then Isaac smiled at me & said, "she just needed to stretch her legs."

And he was right. As soon as she finished her squats, she went back into her carseat with no fussing.


About 30 minutes later, Isaac was deep into his book & of course, Baby Mya didn't like his attention being put elsewhere. She started off with a low coo-ing towards him... no response. Then she upgrades to the "AHH!" Now she has his attention.

He asked her what she wanted... (remember this is an 11 year old talking to an infant). She responded with some coo-ing & appearantely she asked him to read to her because he replied... "No Mya, I am reading Goosebumps. This is too scary for you."

Being that she has him wrapped around her finger, not even a minute later, Baby Mya is listening to some haunted tale about a rollar coaster (or at least that's what I got out of it).

Well, it's about 9pm & we are all home safe. Isaac is knocked out in his bed & Baby Mya is here on my lap... fighting sleep. I have about another 2 hours of her fighting sleep & then maybe I can get some work done.


Amy Lynn

I love that she has her big brother wrapped around her finger already! How cute is that?!?! Makes me want to have another one! haha