Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Sanctuary

So there I was in my sanctuary, relaxing... at peace. Since I cannot find my camera picture transfer thingy, let me describe my sanctuary to you. The bathroom itself is about 12 feet long by 10 feet across... maybe a little bit larger. In the far corner sits a garden tub across from a walk in shower... where I was when this story began.
Before getting back to the story, let me first tell you that I made it very clear to my son to not disturb me while I am taking a shower unless it is a dying emergency.
For instance, the time he was banging on the door & when I finally opened it, he asked if he could have a snack... was not a dying emergency.
Or the time he was shouting through the door & I thought something was wrong but he only wanted to ask me if he could watch a movie was not a dying emergency.
So for the last year I have been very pleased that I have not been intrupted at all while in the shower... or should I say, my sanctuary.
Until this morning that is...
"So there I was in my sanctuary, relaxing... at peace." My master bathroom door was open with my master bedroom door shut. Although I could hear any knocks at the bedroom door, I'm sure Isaac must have been knocking, because before I knew it, while I was relaxing & enjoying my shower he busts in the door screaming. Screaming what? I still do not know at this point.
Now this is a walk-in shower so he cannot see me the way it walks in & walks around the corner a bit, so I told him I would be right out. While washing the shampoo out of my hair I'm thinking, there must be an emergency.
Before I could even finish getting the shampoo out, here he is again. So I told him to go out & I'll be right out. I'm thinking to myself, "is the toaster on fire?"
I grabbed a towel, left the water running and stepped out of the shower. As soon as I stepped out I could here Isaac talking... & I heard other voices. Not like the tv... I am talking about real voices. Who the h*ll did this child let in the house at 6:30 in the morning while I'm in the shower?
Luckly I keep scissors in the bathroom for my hair so I grab them on the way out. I walk to the bedroom door & peek my head out to see Isaac looking up... talking... to the voice... a speaker box on the ceiling... It's the alarm company.
I identified myself & gave them the "code." The silent alarm was reset. And I was allowed to finish washing the shampoo out of my hair. All was well once again.