Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homemade Pizza :: 3 ways

I must first thank Boboli for having us host such a fun, and yummy House Party.  We love pizza in our family, and making homemade pizza has becoe a tradition in our home.  We personally like going Iron Chef style and doing a toppings bar and everyone gets to try one anothers pizzas.  Winner gets bragging rights for an undetermined amount of time.  I enjoy this because it is usually always me getting to the the bragging!

For the Boboli House Party, we had far too many guests to go Iron Chef style... that would have been hectic trying to cook 12+ pizzas, so I went with our family's favorite pizza - chicken and bacon bbq, a traditional pepperoni and a new recipe that I made up as I went along: white cheese sauce, shrimp and spinach.

All Boboli pizza crusts begin with a nice coating of EVOO.
For the family favorite: Chicken and bacon bbq - I used a sweet bbq sauce to replace the traditional tomato sauce. I diced some pre-grilled chicken that I lightly seasoned with salt & pepper. I sauteed some vadalia onions and chopped garlic. I also fried some bacon... mixed all the toppings, and piled it high on top of the bbq'd Boboli crust. Finally, I topped with cheese, and lots of it. 

The traditional pepperoni pizza was just that... tomato sauce, mozerella cheese, pepperoni & goof old italian seasoning and of course garlic. This was a big hit among the youngsters at the party.
Finally came my materpiece... that I made up as I went along with the help of my son.  I started out by sauteeing mushrooms and onions, then letting them simmer in a white cooking wine reduction.  I coated the Boboli crust with a white alfredo cheese sauce & covered with... you guessed it, garlic!  I steamed both spinach & shrimp separately, then combine them with the onions and mushrooms.  I topped it all off with my favorite, mozeralla cheese.


And for the grand finale... **TADA**

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