Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Recipe Experimentation} Choco-nutty-yum Bar?

I recently fell in snack food love with Planters brand energy snack bars. Just as I began to have a normally scheduled craving for the delightful snack bar, I could no longer find them in the grocery store.  It was possibly just my nearby store that stopped carrying and more than likely I could drive a couple more miles to another store to find them... but it was so much more fun to try to make them myself at home.

I started off with peanuts and almonds... the identifiable ingredients in the snack bar.  Since I couldn't get a hand on one to try to actually duplicate, I just winged the rest.  I decided to go with some pretzels and I used marshmallow fluffy as my binding agent.  Of course, I included good old chocolate as well.

I began by chopping the peanuts and almonds in my mini food processor. I left the pieces pretty big by only hitting the "pulse" button a few times.

Since I didn't have a recipe, I placed all the dry ingredients into the "pan" I was going to be using to test for size. 

Next I put some of the chocolate chips into my homemade double-broiler (ceramic bowl in a small put with water underneath - I am pretty sure my mother taught me that when I was pretty young).  **Waiting for the chocolate to melt**

I added the jar of marshmallow fluffy stuff and my melted chocolate chips...

...and got this.

I flattened it out in my "pan" and added a top layer of melted chocolate.

After letting it sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, we have this!

The verdict?  My son: "Mommy these are delicious!" My husband: "Very good!" Me: "I cannot believe they actually taste better than what I was trying to accomplish."

Now we just need to name them... I was thinking about, "Choco-nutty Yum Bar" What do you think? Any suggestions?